About Us

AV-Tech Machine Tool, Inc. was formed in 2003 primarily for service and parts sales and to rebuild used CNC Lathes and Vertical Machining Centers. We have since grown and expanded into supplying new CNC Lathes & Vertical Machining Centers, Horizontal Machining Centers and Bridge type Machining Centers.

AV-Tech Machine Tool continues to serve you for your machine parts and maintenance needs ranging from Chrysler to old Cadillac Engine Lathes, CK ML Series to MV and MH series. AV-Tech is there to serve your machining needs and get your machine up and running. The “spirit to serve” and dedication to provide exceptional service to you and your company continues with AV-Tech.

At AV-Tech we are running a very cost-efficient operation. Most importantly through the dedication and hard work of our team, we aim to achieve substantial improvement in our overall service and reliability while maintaining on-time delivery and service flexibility to keep your machine up and running. We are very optimistic about the future of AV-Tech and have taken proactive steps to sign up with additional agencies to procure and provide you with any spare machine part you need. Besides continuing to carry the Twinhorn CNC Vertical Machining Centers, Lathes, Horizontal and Bridge Type Machining Centers, we are also proud to introduce the YIPC product lines.

Company News

Press Release

AV-Tech Machine Tool has added the HT-500A and HF-380 series CNC HMCs to the Twinhorn line. The machines are designed with high-tensile Meehanite cast iron on all major parts to increase rigidity. They also feature a three-layer, T-shape, box-type design. The base structure’s multiple layers and enforced ribs prevent deformation and reduce vibration during high-speed operation.

To further enhance stability and resistance of column motion, the machines feature a differential slide base and high-/low-level X axis guideways with a 580-mm-wide span. Other features included external spindle cooling systems, air-lock systems on spindle noses and floating-tool clamp/unclamp systems to reduce noise and vibration.