FG series bridge type machining center is designed and produced based on intensive machining experiences of Twinhorn, and concept of user-friendly. With high standard accuracy, superior rigidity and best flexibility application design, FG series is excellent for large-scale parts, mold, mold base as well as aerospace components machining.

  • Travels X axis 87" to 244" Y axis 59" to 122"
  • Extended head stock design provides better clearance and wider range of cutting capacity.
  • Best for huge deep mold and heavy duty machining, High/low gear provides greater cutting rigidity and machining efficiency.
  • Special designed alloy steel guide way with HRC60 harden processed, plus steel double roller were used on Y axis to provide a maintenance free guide way structure to ensure smooth movement, stable accuracy and extended machine precision life cycle.
  • The Gear head adopts a 2-stage transmission gear made of chrome-molybdenum alloy steel which is then heat treated and precision ground making it more suitable for low speed heavy duty cutting. 
  • Oil refrigeration unit for cooling spindle bearing.
MODLE FG-2215LG FG-2715LG FG-3215LG FG-4215LG
Travel X Axis (2200mm) 87" (2700mm) 106.30" (3200mm) 126" (4200mm) 165.35"
Travel Y Axis (1500mm) 59" (1500mm) 59" (1500mm) 59" (1500mm) 59"
Travel Z Axis (760mm) 30" (760mm) 30" (760mm) 30" (760mm) 30"
Rapid Feed Rate X Axis (20m/min) 787ipm (15m/min) 590ipm (15m/min) 590ipm (15m/min) 590ipm
Rapid Feed Rate Y Axis (20m/min) 787ipm (20m/min) 787ipm (20m/min) 787ipm (20m/min) 787ipm
Rapid Feed Rate Z Axis (15m/min) 590ipm (15m/min) 590ipm (15m/min) 590ipm (15m/min) 590ipm
Cutting Feed Rate X & Y Axis (10m/min) 394ipm (10m/min) 394ipm (10m/min) 394ipm (10m/min) 394ipm
Table Dimension (2000x1200mm) 78.74"x47.24" (2500x1200mm) 98.43" x 47.24" (3200x1200mm) 126" x 47.24" (4200x1200mm) 165.35" x 47.24"
Maximum Loading (4000Kg) 8,800 lb (5000Kg) 11,000 lb (6000Kg) 12,200 lb (8000Kg) 17,600 lb
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table (225-985mm) 8.86" - 38.78" (225-985mm) 8.86" - 38.78" (225-985mm) 8.86" - 38.78" (225-985mm) 8.86" - 38.78"
Distance from Spindle Center to Column (340mm) 13.39" (340mm) 13.39" (340mm) 13.39" (340mm) 13.39"
Distance between Column (1500mm) 59" (1500mm) 59" (1500mm) 59" (1500mm) 59"
Spindle Taper CAT-50 CAT-50 CAT-50 CAT-50
Spindle Motor (22Kw) 30Hp (22Kw) 30Hp (22Kw) 30Hp (22Kw) 30Hp
Spindle Speed 10 - 6000 RPM with High Low Gear Head 10 - 6000 RPM with High Low Gear Head 10 - 6000 RPM with High Low Gear Head 10 - 6000 RPM with High Low Gear Head
Magazine Capacity Arm Type 32 Tool Arm Type 32 Tool Arm Type 32 Tool Arm Type 32 Tool
Maximum Tool Diameter (125mm) 4.92" (125mm) 4.92" (125mm) 4.92" (125mm) 4.92"
Maximum Tool Length (350mm) 13.78" (350mm) 13.78" (350mm) 13.78" (350mm) 13.78"
Maximum Tool Weight (20Kg) 44 lb (20Kg) 44 lb (20Kg) 44 lb (20Kg) 44 lb
Floor Spece L (6232mm) 245" (7232mm) 285" (8232mm) 324" (10260mm) 404"
Floor Spec W x H (4430x3975mm) 174.4" x 156.5" (4430x3975mm) 174.4" x 156.5" (4430x3975mm) 174.4" x 156.5" (4430x3975mm) 174.4" x 156.5"
Power Requirement 220V, 3 Phase, 60Hz, 50KVA 220V, 3 Phase, 60Hz, 50KVA 220V, 3 Phase, 60Hz, 50KVA 220V, 3 Phase, 60Hz, 50KVA
Machine Weight (13000Kg) 28,600 lb (19000Kg) 41,887 lb (22000Kg) 48,400 lb (26000Kg) 57,320 lb

All Specification are subject to change without prior notice

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
#50 Spindle Gear Head with Hi-Lo Gear   Fully Enclosed Splash Guard
Spindle Oil Refrigeration Unit Built in Spindle Speed  8,000 10,000 Rpm
Fanuc Oi-MF Plus, 10.4" Color LCD Coolant Through Spindle
2 MB Memory 4th Axis Complete
PCMCIA Slot for Memory Expansion Data Server 2 GB (DNC)
High Precision Linear Way on X Axis Fanuc 31i-F  
Hardened Ground Box Ways on Y & Z Auto Tool Measuring System
Dual Spiral Type Chip Auger Arm Type 40 Tool ATC
Chain Type Chip Conveyor 5 Face Machining
Semi Enclosed Splash Guard Interchangable Spindle Head 
Spindle Air Blast & Cutting Air Blast  
Arm Type 32 Tool ATC  
Auto Lubrication System  
Fanuc & Machine Manual

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